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Spending time with them is all about unconditional love.

Children make grandparents feel like we matter, and in return we have the time to pay attention to them and make them the center, sometimes in a way that a parent might not be able to, because parents are so busy with so much to do." Q: Do you find any part of grandparenting challenging?

Jane Seymour: "There is so much more information available today, which can be good and bad.

The other night I had my daughter and Willa over, and cooked sea bass for dinner.

My daughter went on the Internet to research it, and had a meltdown.

Turns out sea bass has one of the highest levels of mercury, and my daughter is breast feeding.

We might not agree, but every person wants to be listenend to. Go to the bathroom or make a cup of coffee, then come back and say, ' I was thinking about what you said and I might...' then give your advice." Q: What is the one thing you hope to teach your grandchildren as they grow up? Everything changes and children need to learn resilience.

Quinn Medicine Woman—is a grandparent who truly does it all.

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And the more a child is exposed to family and unconditional love, the better." Q: What is the best part of being a grandmother?Jane Seymour: "The wonder of these small children makes you feel alive and needed.