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They could do no wrong in my eyes, and I was always delighted to see them make up after one of their frequent fight over Daddy's drinking or his spending too much money at Rumors or the Pussycat Lounge. When Dad was out of town on jobs, and Mom was working swing shifts, I'd sneak home from school at lunch and see if there was a strange car parking near our house.

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Mom was adorable: petite, blonde and sexy, men were drawn to her like sharks to chum.

I'd also inherited her competitiveness and her overwhelming need to always be the center of attention; that may have been on of the reasons we fought as often as I grew older.

They loved each other like crazy (they're still married to this day), but fought constantly.

Dad was a tall, handsome man who made friends easily--everyone was his buddy.

Still, he seemed content to work when he could and otherwise hang out at bars and strip clubs (one of which his best friend owned), boozing it up with his pals.

Both my parents adored me, and I worshiped them in return; despite my frequent flare-ups with my Mom.

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