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10-Sep-2016 05:14

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It's important to note that for the moment, apart from these warnings, there are no other changes - the files still execute without problems, and of course, downloading them in other browsers do not cause problems.If I read that Enforcement Details table correctly, then you can sign your files with SHA1 until further notice ("No changes until SHA-1 preimage is possible"). Though looking at the Shedule table it states (for post 1/1/2016): "Windows trusts SHA1 (if timestamped prior to 1/1/2016) and SHA-2 (any timestamp) for Mark of the Web files.However, I am still freely able to run my newly SHA1-signed executables, and additionally, downloading these files from a web server in IE does not present me with any 'warnings' (as I had expected) - the security scan returns that all is good with the files! What actual problems should I expect to experience?(in case you are wondering why we don't simply just upgrade to SHA256 anyway - there are multiple reasons: one is bureaucratic, but the other is the fact that we also sign VBS scripts which currently do not support dual signing).Clicking "Run Anyway" when Smart Screen blocks the file removes the "Mark of the web" from the file.Edge tells me that "The signature of this file is corrupt or invalid." If I right-click and select "run anyway", our double-click the file in Windows Explorer, Smart Screen blocks the file: Ticking the checkbox and clicking Run Anyway allows the file to run normally.The UAC warning then shows the name of the publisher like it does with a properly signed executable.EDIT (7/7/2016) - see addition at the end of post I have been keenly following the issues with regards to Microsoft deprecating the use of SHA1 code-signing certificates for Windows executables (

However, I seem unable to demonstrate any expected problems.I have signed some executables (today, in 2016) using the SHA1 certificate and configured App Locker to run only signed executables (I have verified this - I cannot run unsigned executables).(Whenever that's gonna be.) And all they actually care about is that the certificate chain vouching for that SHA1 signature is all SHA256. (Note: no kernel mode enforcement)" (again, not 100% clear on what it means in terms of net effect) I've now found an example of an actual download that was signed using an SHA-1 certificate after 1/1/2016.I downloaded Kee Pass 2.31 using Edge on Windows 10.

EDIT (7/7/2016) Well, it seems that Microsoft has finally put out an update to IE and Edge that warns you if you download an executable which is signed only with a SHA-1 certificate!Basically, with IE 11.0.30 or later, if you download an executable which was signed with a SHA-1 (but not SHA-256) cert AFTER 1/1/2016, then you will see one of the following warnings: I guess Microsoft is finally getting in with the warnings in preparation for the 1/1/2017 cut-off.

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