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And so, the realities of a more elongated LDR, filled with unfortunate images of beautiful, tall, Swedish blondes, have begun to set in.

At this point, however, I consider myself a veteran and feel it is my duty to impart some wisdom on any other brave souls who find themselves unwittingly subjected to such madness.

I used to be one of those people who scoffed at long distance relationships. I remember voicing to my friends that I did not understand why anyone would want a boyfriend without the real perks of physically HAVING a boyfriend.

Weren't his primary responsibilities to cuddle you and protect you and take you to romantic dinners?

Days in Australia slowly turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, and finally, it was time to come home.

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How could he do any of these things from miles and miles away?!The whole concept was lost on me, like reading Chaucer or eating at restaurants that do not believe in bread baskets.Lo and behold, I entered into a relationship with someone just as I was embarking on a four-month exchange program at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Other times, like when I went on a spring break trip in Thailand and lived in a bungalow for three nights without any way to communicate with the outside world, no electricity, and toilets that ceased to flush, it wasn't quite as easy.Suddenly, my unwavering cynicism about long distance relationships transformed into a theatrical optimism. I went through periods of deep sadness during which all I wished for was to see his face in real life rather than through a pixelated computer screen.

And of course, there was the inevitable, social-media-induced jealousy.

Who the F*** was that girl standing next to my boyfriend in the background of that picture behind that stack of red solo cups, kind of smiling? Yet over time, the little moments of jealousy became less common.