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To create a safe, comfortable and enjoyable evening for everyone, there are three rules you need to follow during a event. You are not allowed to ask anyone for his/her contact information. You are not allowed to ask anyone if they would like to have another date. You are not allowed to ask sexually explicit questions, use lewd language, or say anything that might be interpreted as threatening or as sexual harassment. In order to have a successful event we require an even number of singles, so when you register we consider that as your commitment to attend the event.

This includes their phone number, last name, e-mail address, business card, or their address. If you need to cancel, please notice 72 hours prior to event.

You will also benefit from us keeping our eyes glued and ears opened around the city for your next date.

You will be notified as soon as we have a potential date for you, at which point you will be provided with one of three meeting options: lunch, brunch or happy hour.

Detailed information will follow by email and phone and your personal Dashing Date Matchmaker will guide you every step of the way. Chemistry and attraction happen in person, not through a photo.

It's fun and safe - your phone number is only given out to people you are interested in dating again.

It costs less than one date, and you get to meet lots of singles like you!

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In the speeddating process your age usually represent the group of people you wil meet. following your registration when you confirm your payment, you can ask what group your were placed in !

However we always try to match you with the group of singles you have the most chances of succeeding in trying to get a second date after the event! to ensure success of the evening, the final choice remains the decision of the host of the event. In a speeddating session its your actual age that counts and not the age category that you usually prefer when meeting people!