Simon cowell and paula abdul dating 2016

05-Feb-2015 19:00

Goodspeed was found dead on Tuesday outside the home of Paula Abdul, Cowell's fellow judge on the US talent show.The 30-year-old is believed to have killed herself by taking a drugs overdose and reportedly had a history of mental illness.He spends three weeks over Christmas and New Year at the exclusive Sandy Lane resort in Barbados where his suite costs an eye-watering £3,000 a night.It’s a drop in the ocean for the mega-rich mogul, but when you factor in the rest of his daily spending, it all adds up…Car £225 In LA he zips about in one of the world’s most expensive cars – a £600,000 Bugatti Veyron.They cannot handle it."Cowell and Fox, the network which airs American Idol, declined to comment.It’s just as well he’s worth a couple of hundred million, because being Simon Cowell doesn’t come cheap.

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It must have gone crazy."Her niece, Sonja Mc Intyre, told US breakfast show Good Morning America: "Paula reacted pretty much the way anyone would react. She went there to sing."The programme also featured an interview with psychologist Dr Bethany Marshall, who said: "She may have felt that her life as she knew it was over, simply because she was criticised on this show. If you have a personality disordered, fragile, vulnerable contestant who is very sensitive to criticism, and you put the image of them being criticised on You Tube...

plastered in front of millions of people - they're not Teflon-coated.