Sikh beliefs interracial dating

16-May-2015 06:23

The immigrant who is going to assimilate by being even more “American” than his native born fellow citizens, the “white negro” who acts “black” in order to upset his parents or to be “cool”, the Sikh who dresses up like Captain America in order to challenge narrow conceptions of who counts as an American, the Red State rural white voter who drives a pickup truck, watches NASCAR, and displays the Confederate flag, as well as the white suburbanite who is desperate to earn their WASP bonafides by joining a country club and going to the “right” schools, are all, in their own ways, performing race.Race, gender, class, and sexuality are the dominant socio-organizational categories in American and Western society.They are the social and political air we breathe; to ignore how those categories influence our lives and personal identities is to deny empirical reality.Elliot Rodger constructed an identity for himself as “Eurasian” and proceeded to internalize American society’s cues and lessons about power, privilege, race, and gender.He then lived out his own particular understanding of what it means to be white and male in the Elliot Rodger demanded and expected power and control over others.He saw respect from others not as something earned but rather as a birthright.

Despite what white supremacists and their allies would like to believe, race is a social construct with little to no biological basis. Human beings have not existed long enough to be divided up into distinct breeds like dogs. Consequently, race is a combination of law, day-to-day practices, “common sense”, arbitrary distinctions, habits, culture, “science”, and norms which have power over life chances.

Elliot Rodger’s life is the very definition of unearned privilege and advantage.

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