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Please consider an additional donation or a volunteer commitment.

PAWS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, and therefore all donors may deduct contributions, bequests, legacies, devices, transfers, or gifts to our organization as long as the provisions of applicable law are met.

She's already demonstrated her indifference by killing the parking attendant who could no longer remain silent about Tyrell's car being abandoned for the three days following 5/9, and according to one Reddit theory, Joanna may be plotting something far more sinister for her beau Derek.

Evidence surrounding her relationship with her new lover throughout Season 2 suggests that Joanna is planning to frame Derek for the murder of Sharon Knowles to clear Tyrell's name.

Here’s a quick video was saw of the Greater Cleveland Aquarium.

This relatively new public aquarium is the only free-standing aquarium in Ohio.

Through membership dues, contributions and volunteer commitments, the goals of PAWS will be achieved.

For the sake of the animals, please consider joining PAWS.

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In includes an Ohio Lakes and Rivers exhibit, showcasing some local aquatic life.

In addition, there are exotic freshwater displays, a tropical reef, a shark exhibit and more.