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24-Oct-2015 16:10

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Franklin Graham said in a recent interview that when it comes to the American political system, he has no faith in the Democratic Party, Republican Party or the Tea Party.Instead, he called on Christians to go out and vote and run for office in the upcoming 2016 elections."I have no faith in the Democratic Party, I have no faith in the Republican Party, I have no faith in the Tea Party, whoever they are," Graham told WIAT 42 News in an interview posted on Thurday.The only hope for this country is Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ," Graham said in a Facebook post.

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We will not be endorsing any political candidates, but I will be proclaiming the truth of God's Gospel in every state."Graham also discussed the topic of same-sex marriage in his WIAT 42 News interview, and suggested it was the will of judges rather than the opinions of the people that are pushing for the practice to be legalized."Every place this has been put up to the vote of the people, the people vote it down.Breyer, that God would give him wisdom and guide his mind as the court weighs the important issue of same-sex marriage in our nation," he posted on Thursday.There is a widely-held perception that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are drastically different in their policy, proposals, philosophy of government, and general modus operandi. Republicans and Democrats overwhelmingly favor Keynesian economics rather than other schools of economic thought such as the Austrian School of economics. The Bush-era Patriot Act, which allows for warrantless wiretapping, was passed with bipartisan support and recently extended by policymakers of both parties.On his Facebook page Graham has been urging Americans to pray each day for one of the nine Supreme Court justices.

The highest court in the land is getting ready to rule on whether to allow gay marriages to continue to be decided on a state-level, or whether the Constitution requires they be legalized everywhere."Today pray for Supreme Court Justice Stephen G.

While there are certainly some significant differences between the two parties, the number of similarities are astounding. President Obama pledged to veto the NDAA, but went back on his word and signed it into law with the indefinite detention provision included. Romney has voiced his support for the controversial legislation.