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It has a very unconventional combat system reminiscent in some ways of older Dragon Quest games, where players don't directly target a foe but instead pick a command and the AI sorts out the details.It also has some aggravating design choices, like the way it splits up your player party or switches characters right when you're getting into the swing of things.But in truth, it's a solid and underrated game worthy of rediscovery. : It didn't sell terribly well, so you may be able to find some remaindered copies somewhere.

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From the kindness of my heart, I've singled out eight recent and not-so-recent games that'll keep your Bravely Default buzz going. : Well, first, there's the obvious: It's a turn-based RPG with a four-character combat party and a customizable mix-and-match character class system.

But as I've noted elsewhere, Dragon Quest IX may be Bravely Default's most direct antecedent because of its social features.

Both games allow you to Street Pass with other players and gain bonuses from the interaction.

As a caveat: DQIX's sharing is much more cumbersome, and the chances of encountering someone currently playing and passing the game are incredibly slight.

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if you're on my 3DS friends list (summoned super attacks are the kindest thing one friend can do for another).

Chances are pretty good that most people are going to freebase the game and be done with it in a few weeks. Where are you going to find another classic-yet-cutting edge portable RPG? Well, not unless you look into the past and dig up some of Bravely Default's spiritual kin -- games that may not play exactly the same, but that share a definite creative resonance with Square's new masterpiece.

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