Most sedating benzo manila speed dating

02-May-2015 06:18

I don't think I'm addicted to them, but I can so easily see how it could happen to me.

My psychiatrist also mentioned it as something that we could try in the future before. They helped me sleep which was a bonus and they helped slow down some of the mad thoughts that are going on in my head.

I think Clozapine and Haloperidol were mentioned, but they all have crazy sounding names so i could be wrong, lol. Do they work as quickly as diazepam or do you have to take them for a period of time before the effect starts? I have recently had them changed to quetiapine because I was a little light headed in the mornings with the chorpromazine which wasn't a big deal except I like to go running in the morning.

I for one am glad that docs are looking at alternatives.

Happyone xx Thanks for the info Happyone, I think it might have been Chlorpromazine he said instead of Clozapine. I think with Chlorpromazine he mentioned a dose of about 25mgs does that sound right?