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09-Nov-2015 04:00

In the 140-year history of baseball, fans have witnessed a sport that has prided itself on standing the test of time.

Other than the adoption of the designated hitter by the American League in 1973, and the adoption of a 162-game schedule in 1961, very few changes have been made since the turn of the century.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about what has been worn on the baseball field.

Oftentimes, marketing gurus of the MLB dictate the selection of uniforms that ballplayers wear, either for some promotional effort or just to make a switch for whatever reason.

With some of the Houston Astros uniforms over the years, you almost have to wonder if an alien was being consulted over at NASA.

However, the fashion designers employed by baseball teams still keep trying ("trying" being the key word).

Take one look at their uniform, and you can see why they were run out of town in Seattle on a rail.

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Baseball has NOT been blessed with fashion designers, for sure.However, their camouflage uniform, in this particular instance, should have been marked as "classified." The Philadelphia Phillies wore a variety of different uniforms from 1970 to 1990.