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{}; if (!Before this one is over, 2,881 visitors will troop through, that young shark will fill up on a mere 3 1/2 pounds of fish, the albatross will dance with a new friend.And the jellyfish expert will get stung, which happens about three times a week. Beginning about 6 a.m., she whips up more than 200 pounds of food: krill for the anchovies and sardines; chopped clams and fish heads for the Pacific mackerel; capelin and night smelt for the penguins; shrimp and squid for the bat rays; and restaurant-grade, wild-caught Alaskan salmon for the great white shark, which will choose mackerel instead.The lights come up, so the tank backdrops have that deep-blue infinity glow and the quotes on the walls are illuminated, including this one from natural science writer Loren Eiseley: “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” The Monterey Bay Aquarium opened 25 years ago, paid for with about million from computer mogul David Packard and his wife, Lucile.It was built on the 3.3-acre site of the old Hovden Cannery on Monterey’s Cannery Row and was dramatically expanded in 1996, then renovated again in 2005.

The lights are off, the sound system is silent, and the beasts of the Monterey Bay Aquarium have the place mostly to themselves: the otters, the anemones, the octopuses, the great white shark in the big tank, the lame young albatross in its rooftop cage — and Kacey Kurimura, who is at the kitchen sink in her apron and waterproof boots, reaching for a knife.Maybe the sea never sleeps, but this is how the day begins at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.r.config.logged) { = age; } if (r.config.feature_double_sidebar) { = true; } = r.Adblock Level(); = frame_id; var page Type; if (/^(\/(hot|new|rising|controversial|top))? $/.test(location.pathname)) { page Type = 'frontpage-listing'; } else if (/^\/r\/[^\/]+(\/(hot|new|rising|controversial|top))? $/.test(location.pathname)) { page Type = 'subreddit-listing'; } else if ($('body')Class('comments-page')) { page Type = 'comments'; } else if ($('body')Class('listing-page')) { page Type = 'listing'; } if (page Type) { data.Type = page Type; } = JSON.stringify(data); iframe.frameborder = 0; iframe.scrolling = 'no'; = frame_id; = parser.href; = '0'; = '100%'; = '100%'; if (!$ad.length) { return; } $ad.get(0).append Child(iframe); if ($ad.height() === 0

Mc Dill crisscrosses the building’s concrete bowels, checking pump housings for anomalies.

Somebody has cued up the music — a stew of swelling atmospheric tones that the aquarium commissioned years ago from composer John Huling.