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On the morning Brian Lewis finally felt vindicated, he and his partner were up before dawn making sure his suit was perfectly wrinkle-free, his pins affixed at mirror spots on each lapel. They were hardly the jumble of multicolor insignia seen on the chests of most of the military, active and retired, who usually make appearances such as the one he was about to, but many would argue Lewis’ were equally hard-won. train from Baltimore and made small talk to calm their nerves as the waking suburbs flitted by along the 45-minute ride.

One declared him a life member of the Disabled American Veterans, the other a Freemason who is also a U. They’d grab a quick breakfast at the Johnny Rockets in the basement of Washington, D.

Across all those years, as scandals from Tailhook to Aberdeen to Lackland have erupted, one obvious fact must have been evident to, and ignored by, anybody who cared: There are nearly six times as many men than women serving in uniform today, and, ergo, the history of the American armed services is littered with untold thousands of male survivors of sexual attacks.

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA), at least, has had illuminating data about the problem for more than a decade: in 2003 alone, more than 30,000 of its male outpatients answered in the affirmative when asked if they had suffered what the VHA terms “military sexual trauma” (MST).

By 2010, the number had grown to nearly 50,000—almost equal to the number of women who said they had suffered MST.

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Visibly nervous, he kept his eyes trained on a printout of the prepared testimony he was about to deliver, the photographers perched like kindergartners on the floor in front of him clicking their cameras. He leaned forward to the tip of the cantilevered mic and began.The proportion is exponentially higher for women service members (about 1 in 5), but it had to be self-evident that male survivors were a substantial population.