Java gui not updating

10-Aug-2016 00:18

These days people often spend more time communicating with computers, smartphones and tablets than with each other. I have a menu bar that is filled with various JMenu Items.

The book "Java for Kids" was written by Yakov Fain, Java Champion.

The goal is to help students learn to program in the most popular language in the world: Java.

This book starts from an introduction to Java and then explains how to write programs that have Graphic User Interface by writing the Tic-Tac-Toe and Ping-Pong games.

While this book is written for 12+ year old kids, adults looking for an easy intro to Java may find this book useful as well.

After making a donation, you’ll be entitled to receive the PDF version of the book as well as in MOBI (for Kindle) and EPUB (for i Book) formats.

People communicate with each other using different languages.