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The characters talk about substance abuse and addiction to elements of humor and relationships.

“Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” can definitely be categorized in the same group as the 1990s television series “The Jeffersons”, “Family Matters”, and “The Cosby Show”.

Tyler Perry is responsible for directing every episode for the first 5 seasons and from then on he gets help from his producer Roger M. Casting directors are looking to book a totaly of 6 new talent for 6 available recurring characters in the script.

This does not mean they will be full leads and featured in the series until it’s end, but they will be recurring for some of the new scenes for this up and coming season.

Casting director are in search of 6 talent for new lead roles, stand-ins, and extras to fill in a few of the scenes in the newly written season.

The show is about a multi-generation family that lives under one roof in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

Directed and created by the hilariously witted Tyler Perry and his team at TBS.

House of Payne had it’s first premiere back in 2006 and has been held on to exclusivity through TBC Cable Network.

The sitcom covers various areas of dark themes and unique subject matter.