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11-Oct-2015 07:13

Let’s be real, many of us have to unlearn so many negative stereotypes about different groups of people.

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It would have been interesting to see that from someone other than Samantha, the white feminist hope.

There was also a scene in which these women rocking niqabs--which covers the entire face aside from the eyes--took them off with flourish and showed off their designer clothes. They were snarling, violent, and tried to kill Doc in a JC Penny parking lot. I know, they were the villains in that scene but it still seemed so unnecessary.

It's barbaric, but hey, it's home." Needless to say, Arab-Americans were like, "Uh, naw." Disney later tweaked the lyrics for the home video version so that they didn't play so heavily on the OMG-ARABS-ARE-SO-VIOLENT-AND-BACKWARDS-AND-BARBARIC trope. But not only is it just vapid, bad, and poorly written, it's also racist AF.

There are too many instances to mention, like insulting customs, assumptions of anti-semitism, and the constant stream of surprise from the girls at Arab people's modernity. There was a moment when Samantha drops condoms in the middle of the streets of Abu Dhabi and--after getting shameful looks from male onlookers--brazenly shouts at a crowd of Muslim men that she has sex all the time and loves it.

But in the media, the two might as well be an inseparable combo that perpetuates violence, misogyny, and barbarism.

Basically, the media is racist AF when it comes to depictions of Arabs and Muslims–especially Muslims who are also Arab–and dole out stereotypes about them like it’s going out of style.

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