Help alert dating troubles

20-Nov-2015 19:19

A filter may be applied to your sheet and is hiding some of the rows.Right-click any column's header and select Dismiss Filters to see if this brings the missing data into view.By default, rows submitted via web form appear at the bottom of the sheet, beneath all existing rows.Make sure to scroll all the way down to find the rows.

Open the destination sheet and scroll all the way to the right to view it.Use the Troubleshooting Guide below to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions posed to the Smartsheet Support team.If you're not able to resolve the issue using the information here, please contact the support team.Depending on the configuration and anti-spam practices of your e-mail provider, e-mails sent from our system may be improperly marked as spam or blocked altogether.

If a filter is applied to the sheet, it could be hiding the new rows from view.Try right-clicking any column's header and selecting Dismiss Filters (if the option is available).