Fuck chat sites no service fee

07-Nov-2014 07:30

And just now I found out a ton of others are in the same boats as me.Well at the end of the month it’s time to cut Bell.I then proceeded to call bell to inform them of their mistake and to cancel. I was transferred to 6 different people, 3 of which were complete space cadets, it seemed so obvious that they were reading from a script. They say there in no time frame for the repairs WTF so I am paying for internet that sometimes works? I’ve been with Bell for more than 5 years and their terrible customer service never changed!!! I’m looking at switching over to teksavvy for internet, and we should all help the legit competition.I’m happy that it’s over and I’ll no longer be paying 0.00/month. Internet drops to 0.12 MB Per Sec I call in months ago with the issue. Let’s hope Bell doesn’t pull more conniving shit to get rid of competition. We go through hell and back but somehow we keep going back for more!They say to many people on the network for my area and they are working on it. A while ago I got a contract with the i Phone 5 at Bell boutique.They offered me an Apple care warranty of 250$ that covered my device WITH APPLE unlimitedly. Too good to be true..) just to say this was given from the store manager.It’s fucking ridiculous that one of the biggest companies in Canada doesn’t have 24/7 customer service. There is 223$ bill started on July,but i know nothing before i received the call. I really dont know what they do during four months they blame me . That’s really unreasonable and indicates their bad service system.If there was someone avaible to rectify their mistake immediately I may not have cancelled my services with them this morning. During this four months I never receive any box or email or envelope tell me to turn the router back . I didn’t know how to do it with the router so I threw it. I received a call told me i need to pay 223$ for the router. I call the phone server immediately ,she told me bell have already do not send box for tow years. If you’re looking for stable and reliable internet speeds, Bell is not the company you want to rely on.

NOT TO MENTION WE ARE PAYING TO MUCH FOR HIGH SPEED WIFI UNLIMITED FOR THIS C**P . I came home from work yesterday to find my services (land line, Fibe TV and Internet) wrongfully suspended.I was upset that this had been done, especially the fact that it was done with out warning. And they ask me why you didnt call bell told us you didnt receive the box.