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18-Apr-2016 22:41

The PS4 Hyperdimension game, known as Mega Dimension Neptunia VII, is also available to order.

I feel no shame in browsing Gelboru on public transport. Feel the shame welling up inside you as you continue to browse. Frantically try to close your browser as your boss enters the office…

This, my disgusting friends, is a guide to my top 10 sexy games for perverts.

Once you’re with the girl of your choice (triggered by a mutual confession of your interest in each other) the game changes up – and gets even more involving.

Unlike Visual Novels – there’s no titillating CG reward.

HYPER DIMENSION NEPTUNIA Again – not super filthy in terms of sexy games – but honest to goodness entry level fan service. And when you’re not revelling in up-skirt shots, you can marvel at how such a simple game can have such an appalling framerate.

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To begin with you have to court her – there’s a choice of three girls you can go for – and there’s a fairly rpg-like feel to the experience.You can build stats, go on dates and see if you can walk her home.