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24-Nov-2014 01:10

Experts confirmed the existence of the cavities on Saturday after scanning the millennia-old monument with radiography equipment (inset)...Sisi wasn't as laudatory of Hillary Clinton, whom he met with Monday just before Trump.Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza could contain two previously unknown chambers according to an international research team from Operation Scan Pyramids.

The missing Egypt Air flight MS804 was forced to turn around shortly after takeoff on three occasions on the day before it crashed into the Mediterranean Sea after it's warning systems signalled an anomaly.His corpse was found in a ditch on a busy road near the Egyptian capital more than a week later, his body showing signs of sustained torture.Egyptian investigators who have been analysing the black box recorders, which were recovered from the Mediterranean Sea after the Egyptair flight crashed say they indicate that smoke was in the cabin.The ISIS jihadis behind the Paris attacks stopped off at Charles De Gaulle airport just hours before carrying out their deadly massacre last November.

Enormous statues, golden jewellery and hieroglyphic tablets which were feared lost forever have been reclaimed from the sea, and are to be put on public display from 19 May at the British Museum in London.

It was initially claimed that Mohamed Said Shoukair (pictured) lost all radio contact before the Airbus A320 plunged into the sea last Thursday, with the loss of 66 lives, while travelling from Paris to Cairo.