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01-Feb-2015 20:54

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And despite evidence of their chicanery sitting in plain view, the two of them continue to receive support from the manosphere. By continuing to coddle liars like Sunshine and Danny, the manosphere has shown that it no longer serves the Good.As Nassim Taleb put it, if you see fraud and don’t shout “Fraud! Because my first loyalty is to the truth, I’m here to expose these two charlatans and inform you of how dangerous they are.Mike’s article was the catalyst for my growing revelation: the manosphere is dead.I’ve defended the manosphere for years now because as one of its founders, I felt a certain loyalty to it.Yesterday morning, I had a realization: I don’t want to be part of the manosphere anymore. I was sitting in a brunch joint in downtown Buffalo, waiting for the waitress to bring me my orange juice, when I came across Danger & Play’s article on quitting the ‘sphere.Like an empty car ambling forward on drive, I slowly grew angrier, my left hand balling into a fist under the table.Sunshine pretends to be a submissive, devoted housewife while Danny pretends to be a ladies’ man.

For about 2-3 years now, Sunshine Thiry (aka Sunshine Mary) and Danny Edwards (aka Danny from 504) have been lying and creating fantasy personas solely to get attention on the Internet.

Mike’s article made me realize how I’ve sold myself out in the process.

As he pointed out, almost no one came to his defense when Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller plagiarized his blog for their watered-down ripoff site Mating Grounds.

I’ll freely admit that the week prior to that, when Frost discovered that Jack from Viva La Manosphere was plagiarizing Mike’s site Fit Juice for his own juicing blog, I didn’t want to do anything initially because I didn’t want to “rock the boat” in regards to site traffic (Viva La Manosphere was one of my blog’s biggest referrers).

It was a completely cowardly cop-out and I apologize for it.Some of you will likely object to my doxing of Sunshine.