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26-Nov-2014 19:42

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Heh…Court just texted me to listen to Becca Tilley’s snapchat to listen for Derek’s voice – she’s with Jojo Fletcher doing a shoot today. This is an interesting question: with Derek, Maks and Gleb all back, will Val still rate the ringer??

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😉 We reserve the right to edit as we get more information…or reality sets in through leaks and such.

Lindsey is going on a world tour, which kinda leaves her out. 😉 Beverley Mitchell is the type that Derek used to get all the time, early on – married mommies.

But since Mark hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, maybe she’s dancing with him, since last word was that she was “in talks”. – Well, it’s gotta be someone with dance experience…Emma Samms had training until she was 15 but that hardly counts.

– My first thought was republican…but not a weasely Trump boy. 😀 But if not a republican, then what’s the deal with the Elephant?

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As of this moment – Friday Night – we don’t have any confirmed pairings.But we do have a few good ideas based on Dancing ABC clues, history, rumor, twitter…and just plain guessing.