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So she didn't just started recently (unless she stopped and started again).And her huge weight loss was more around season 2 or something like that (I'm lazy to look it up).Though I am sure it won't be happen one of the biggest fans of a Blaine/Sam relationship is Darren Criss himself. Is she really as self-absorbed, self-promoting, and pretentious as she comes across?Guess who prefers working with Chord a lot more than with Colfer. I admire what she's done with her character on Glee, but I sometimes wonder if she's really just playing herself with a few random character traits added in to create a little more drama. Most struggling actors would sleep with someone to help their career. I mean once again, actors are narcissists who are of course self-absorbed and self-promoting. She tends to be decently liked from what I can tell, definitely more so than Lea whose goes about her self-absorption in a way that turns people off.Also, kudos to her and her PR team for promoting her outside of Glee, but despite her decent voice and her comedic skill, her image just seems to be that of a shallow beauty with little substance. Hell, if you wouldn't it can probably be argued you don't want it enough. Many ppl at blindgossip have guessed Lea Michele or Naya Riviera for the blind item [2] posted.Ohmygod, r6 is that "yellow skin" troll who thinks we are all able to see the invisible jaundice he detects in so many people while he wanks off? What bothers me with this: LM has been rumoured to be using since her broadway days.NR on the other hand has shrinked in the last few months, if that was even possible to start with. Well, they are supposed to be "new Rachel" and "new Finn" so I'm guess this means will be seeing Marley dump Jake for Ryder this year. Marley has demonstrated no reason why two guys would be fighting over her that much.[R25] Finally! She's like a young Jodie Foster ;)Anyone know anything about Blake and Melissa? Because he's like 20, and they've only been together about four months. As far as I know, neither of them have officially said they're engaged, so maybe it was something leaked to just get some non-Monteith buzz about the new season. What 20 year old want to get engaged after four months?” Meanwhile, Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) is about to read the riot act to Hayden (Rebecca Budig) in what looks to be about her true identify and her deceit. Then share your thoughts on how you would like these stories to play out: Will Alexis accept Kristina’s sexuality? Next up on Y&R, it's the big reveal that finally beings to propel this story forward!

The Chinese ecommerce giant has, for the first time, shied away from mentioning GMV figures in its earnings report, playing down the importance of their traditional ecommerce business to group revenue within a slowing economy.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 includes new features and enhancements built around performance, security, and reliability.

The release also introduces new capabilities around Linux containers and the Internet of Things.

In the latest promo for the daytime drama series, Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) is seen asking her mother Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn): “Would it be so bad if I’m gay?

” But Hayden has a major retaliation, “You tried to have me killed!

” Later, the voice-over announce in the promo says, “Let the blindsiding begin” when Nina (Michelle Stafford), who has been trying to save Crimson, appears to have knowledge that it is Julian (William de Vry) who is trying to make his own publication go under.