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05-Jan-2015 01:54

Why do you think “dating” your character before you start writing — or even outlining — your story is so important and helpful?

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“Marilyn and I started teaching a class on Creating Non Stereotypical Characters and that lead to our first lectures on Dating Your Character,” says Cutler-Rubenstein.“After class we both kind of looked at each other and said we have something here in this ‘dating your character’ idea.“Whether you are in the real world or the reel world, it’s the same thing.Everyone is checking each other out to see who they want to spend time with or avoid.” The idea of dating your character then evolved over a series of seminars the trio instructed over the years.

Cutler-Rubenstein is a writer/producer/director and career consultant and CEO of The Script Broker, as well as an adjunct professor at USC of Cinematic Arts.chatted with the three women on how “dating” your character informs your screenplay, how to tell when your character is “The One,” and when you should actually dump your character.