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10-Sep-2016 21:40

Indeed, some of these can be pretty specific — maybe you can only see yourself getting serious about someone who can crack a joke in Klingon; or perhaps it’s gotta be a farmer who’ll do it for you; or maybe you yearn for someone with red hair.

Well, there are dating sites especially for all theres preferences and many more. Redhead and it’s billed as a “niche dating site for flame-haired singletons and those who are looking to find a redhead lover”.

Site founder, Jonathan Bird, said it’s actually doing really well — and is proving especially popular here and in the US.

“The Irish community in America have really taken to this site and Ireland isn’t far behind,” he said.

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Not at all, laughs Jonathan, who has Irish (Dublin) roots himself: “It’s more like shining a spotlight on where you want to look.” He explains: “We have personal rules on how far we would travel for a job for example.And that applies to looking for love as well — some people don’t want to go to an international site and be presented with singles from everywhere.And we all have dealbreakers in relationships - some would never pair up with a smoker; others would only opt for someone sporty or into off-beat travelling.Matchmakers and dating site experts have cottoned onto this too and many now offer niche dating services.

We have created this site to help you find people looking for friendship, love, dating and romance.It’s easy to use and 100% safe, secure and confidential.

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