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Stage-Gate divides this process into a series of activities (stages) and decision points (gates). The players on the project team undertake key activities to gather information needed to advance the project to the next gate or decision point.

Companies that fail to innovate face a grim future.The problem is that winning with new products is not easy.According to several independent research studies (i.e.Product Development & Management Association, AMR Research, Booz-Allen Hamilton, etc.) between 70-85% of leading U. companies now use Stage-Gate to drive new products to market.

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An estimated 46% of the resources that companies devote to the conception, development and launch of new products go to projects that do not succeed - they fail in the marketplace or never make it to market.

Leading companies have overhauled their product innovation processes, incorporating the critical success factors discovered through best practice research, in the form of a Stage-Gate new product development process.

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