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02-Feb-2016 08:42

Indeed, land and costs generally would start to get really expensive.In part 2 of The Past, Present and Future of Metropolitan Line Services we finished with details of frequencies for the Metropolitan Line once the Sub-Surface Lines upgrade was complete.With plans for a overview of the ultimately intended service pattern for all the Sub-Surface Lines in mind, we now look at the Circle Line.Given that London Transport knew that running trains in a circle was a seriously bad idea it begs the obvious question of why on earth didn’t it follow its own very sensible advice.With that in mind, in part 1 we look at the 19th and 20th century history of the Circle Line with an emphasis on the nature of its operation.The station was located at the junction of Cannon Street and the fairly recently-built Queen Victoria Street.This was not the originally intended location for this station. It is difficult to imagine nowadays in the gloom of the current day Mansion House station that for thirteen years this station would have been a busy London terminus complete with short sidings on the western side to assist with locomotive changes.

Although it originally had four platforms it only had three tracks into them (rather like current day Uxbridge and Cockfosters) although a fourth track was added later in its life and the platform layout changed.Meanwhile the Metropolitan Railway too was pushing eastward.