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05-Sep-2015 20:57

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From street corners and roadsides, bank machines and satellites, video cameras record our every move.

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For police forces, photo radar, street surveillance, cruiser cams and tiny cameras have become efficient crime-fighting tools, gathering irrefutable proof of criminal activity and deterring would-be lawbreakers.

For others, video surveillance is an uncomfortable erosion of civil liberties, the unblinking eyes of Big Brother.

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Her brother is convicted of murdering the three family members.

She gets contacted by a club that is intrigued by mysterious murders, and she is forced to confront her multilayered traumatic past."Dark Places" is a truly haunting drama that keeps me captivated thoroughly.

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I then proceeded to call bell to inform them of their mistake and to cancel. I was transferred to 6 different people, 3 of which were complete space cadets, it seemed so obvious that they were reading from a script. They say there in no time frame for the repairs WTF so I am paying for internet that sometimes works? I’ve been with Bell for more than 5 years and their terrible customer service never changed!!! I’m looking at switching over to teksavvy for internet, and we should all help the legit competition.… continue reading »

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