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At least it has always been that way in my life and with many other friends I’ve spoken to. Thank him for his vote of confidence, accept that timing can be a b*tch, and go find a man that can give you what you need. He Talks About His Ex Extremely Too Often When a guy talks often about his ex this is an indication that he is still attached to and hung up on the ex. You decide to have some Ben & Jerry’s cookie-dough ice cream to distract yourself. All the ice cream in your fridge is gone and your friends are about to ex-communicate you from their life because you keep updating them on the fact that he STILL (ugh…) hasn’t called. It’s almost always an indicator of something strange going on. What he knows (rather conveniently and optimistically) is that you’ll be fine because a worthier man will snatch you up soon enough.Maybe somehow, some way, you can turn it all back around. But we proceed despite it all, praying that he will prove us wrong, praying we will be the exception, believing that we can and will be the one to change him. Sometimes we want so badly for things to work out that we allow our longings to blur all the glaring red stop signs.

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After all, you have the memories of how great things ONCE were. Well, if it was me, I’d definitely go with option two. Often in life, we see the flags, the flashing red lights, and the thick yellow tape. You can throw all of your energy into trying to make it work. You can get out of this bad situation NOW and get on with your life.

Thus, each year, they will always take place on the Friday and Saturday of the May Day Bank Holiday weekend. The tides do permit a crossing on foot from Walney but my resident Piel native friend tells me we need to set off from Snab Point on Walney at 12.30. Obviously this will be weather dependant (no fun in the rain), it would have been perfect today. Following this, meet at 1pm either at Snab Point for the walk across or in the Duke for taxis to Roa and then ferries to Piel Island for our annual gathering.… continue reading »

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