Children after divorce dating

12-Feb-2015 00:05

Let’s talk about where are your children emotionally after the divorce of their parents, what are their fears, expectations, hopes.

What you need to do to help them grow healthy after this painful experience and protect them from another possible stress.

No matter how your own life will go after separation with your ex spouse, the most precious and fragile thing left with you is your children.

They need to be taken care of under any circumstances.

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They need to be protected from another possible emotional shock in their young lives.

That’s why before considering starting to date again after divorce, one should very carefully think about this, taking into account children’s interests and protection.

Generally, after divorce of their parents, children are either distressed or angry.

They are not so experienced yet to hide or to kill sincere feelings inside, so you can see and tell by your child how he feels.

Children look for protection, unknowingly seeking help in you.

So, this period, right after divorce, might be crucial for all future relationships between you and your child.

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