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As we turned the year, iron had sharpened iron, and like sandpaper smoothens and fine-tunes a rough surface, we improved, matured and became wiser in our dealings; I learnt to be more selfless and she became more submissive, not trying to enforce a point like before. It was Valentine’s season but I chose to do it 2 days earlier as I felt Valentine’s Day would be too predictable.She was definitely beautiful, petite, smallish and all bubbly with smiles and laughter even on top ordinary registration; not to take note!The Headies Awards were later that night so I had to leave rather early but I ensured I got her Blackberry PIN before leaving.So I needed something beyond myself and claim of love, and so I decided I’ll go for the Word. The first five months were a mix of ups and downs though, largely due to our strong personalities.This was when those scriptures were of great help, they helped me (and by extension, us) through the hard times, the emotionally dry times when you don’t feel anything at all, the clashing of egos, ‘strong-head’ and all other causes of ‘fights’ in relationships.Afro fusion artiste Gaisebaba *** BN Weddings: Kindly tell us about yourself and your lovely wife.Gaisebaba: I am Akinade Ibuoye, an Afro fusion artist popularly known as Gaisebaba, currently signed to Sanctified Records with a debut album out, and three follow up singles; the latest of which is I was a participant while she volunteered and was at the registration table, so she was the very first person I saw on getting to the venue.

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We usually hear about virginity from the female point of view, so it’s refreshing to share a strong male voice on the topic.