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20-Sep-2015 01:54

I'll share it with you, and if you like it, look him up! " "I dunno." "Oh, I thought you were going golfing with Gary today." "Oh, I did." "And you don't know how he's doing?

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My pledge brother introduced me to this guy a few months ago and told me how good he was, so I looked him up on You Tube and instantly became hooked!

My favorite of his routines is his "Are You Dating Anyone" routine. My wife and I have a friend who got divorced about six months ago, and neither of us had seen him since his divorce. When I get back from golf, my wife goes, "How's Gary? " "No, I thought that maybe you would think to ask him that..." "I didn't think of that." "Well, is he dating anyone?

" "I know he's got a new driver." "How is that possible that wouldn't come up??? 'That 150 marker's right're probably at about 135!

You were in the same golf cart for four hours, and you don't know if he's dating anyone???

But you know where it all went wrong was the day they started the spelling bee.

I was watchin' the news the other day, and I heard them talking about a criminal named Brian Regan same spelling and everything. So I'm sitting there doing a crossword puzzle and all of a sudden I hear, "It is unknown whether the charges against Brian Regan will lead to his execution." "Guess I can put this down. " I would have been a lot better off if I’d studied more when I was growing up, y’know. Then I get on, and move two plates, you know like: CLANK!

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