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Built in sections 1897 Thornycroft, relaunched in China 8.4.98. Groups of links refer to log book covers and introductory information; some may be blank. Not all log pages contain this information and the ships' positions have therefore often been estimated. Full account of any day is available by clicking on the link above that day. of course invaluable and very strong on American naval vessels. an excellent source for details of merchant ships and shipping lines. 4caf8cebcadfd34197038918: () 25 December 1917 Up river towards Kiukiang. is as its name suggests the prime source for ships built on that river, likewise for Japanese steamers and long-forgotten warships. In all cases, refer to the log-page scans for the positions as originally recorded.

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valuable information on ships that didn’t complete their last journey. Hands employed surveying cable, all shackles found wrong way. is the place for photos of the Yangtse in those days (hard to avoid spending hours browsing here) and that warning also applies to Some sites only provided a single link, but as each of these illuminated some aspect of the Yangtse in those days, they are particularly interesting, and and fall into this category.