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25-Dec-2014 20:47

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He’s no longer facing a known expiration date, thanks to an experimental drug that’s working. Maybe choosing a few years of bliss with someone who feels like life — and love — is a gift to be embraced daily is better than being with someone who doesn’t appreciate all that life offers, and spends time on useless BS.

And then there’s all the self-destructive stuff — unsafe sex, booze binges, drug ODs — and pure bum luck — like H1N1 and choking while chowing down BBQ buffalo wings.

I’m so bummed, because of all the guys I’ve met online, he’s the real deal. ” “Kat, he’s going to die.” “I hate to break it to you, sweetie, but so are you. But we do that all the time — we just don’t think about it. We have no idea when any of us are going to pop off, and yet every day we engage in really risky behavior. We drive (that kills off about 40,000 of us a year), go to the bathroom (another 20,000), and eat crappy food and too much of it (bye-bye 280,000, thanks to obesity-related issues).