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01-Oct-2015 00:39

By this I mean I tried to be the skeptic, the one who doubted that this had long-term potential, while he was the one who made direct comments toward marriage, etc. I know one year isn't a long time, especially since I was in such a long relationship before, but with each day I feel my strength dissolve. I feel like I should take some time to be away from him and let him figure out whether or not I'm what he wants anymore.

I would be utterly lost without Peter and it scares the living hell out of me. Do you think it's possible that he really isn't bothered by my (drunken) discussions about whether or not things will work out? But at the same time, I think I'd be doing that to protect myself under the cover of "bettering our relationship." HELP!

Last I checked, there were only a few tickets available for the Feb.12 Mortified event, so get them fast. We will be having a pre-party in Harvard Square from about 8 to 10 p.m. I have my own place, but I literally haven't unpacked since I moved there six months ago. If you have to have crazy drunk talk, do it in front of friends. And, for the record, the idea of dumping him to break your own fall seems a bit silly to me. Dating an almost-professional athlete is incredibly scary.

He has the potential to get signed any day, which basically means he has the potential to leave any day. Showing drunken vulnerability and behaving like a train wreck will make him love you less, but that's got nothing to do with losing your "rock" persona. Your manic worrying and acting out is pushing him away. You're going to be OK, no matter how this works out.

But we haven't made it this far just because I was rebounding - I've genuinely developed feelings for him and at this point, I think I love him too much for my own good. "Peter" is finishing up his final season playing his sport and thus his final full year at college, where I will remain for another year. Maybe if you have a tentative idea of what will happen, you'll relax a bit. Peter's love for you isn't tied to your ability to be blasé about him. Showing vulnerability won't make him want you less.

I'll admit, this whole relationship began with a one night fling. Does this one go in our booze chapter or our insecurity chapter?

At the same time, I think he's becoming less and less idealistic, and I worry that my concerns about our future (for example, where he'll go, what I'll do, whether or not we'll be able to trust each other without jealousy taking the upper hand) are pushing him away.

That's because most of the time, these worries come out when I have a little too much to drink - which results in me waking up the next day feeling vulnerable and quite frankly, pretty stupid. But I feel like I've lost my rock-like persona and it shows.

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