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These 20 pieces of beautifully crafted, hand finished, stainless steel knives are perfect for all your kitchen tasks and everyday meal preparation.

The amazing thing is they never, ever need sharpening!

But I love Halloween because it gives us grownups a chance to act like Big Kids.

(Sold Separately) The set includes: And don’t let the low price fool you - Ronco Six Star Knives won’t perform like a discount kitchen knife.

These sharp stainless steel knives can tackle anything from carving to chopping to paring… Ronco backs its quality cutlery with a guarantee of Free Replacement Knives for Life, should you ever experience problems with any Six Star Knife.

Ronco Rocker Six Star Plus Cutlery has knives for small kitchen duties such as peeling, coring or trimming and large knives to tackle big cutting, slicing and chopping jobs.

Store your cutlery safely in the beautiful Wooden Block Knife Holder that holds all of the knives and the shears, keeping them handy so you can easily find the right knife for the job.

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These knives are a terrible ripoff and the quality just plain sucks. Yep, the holders aren’t included and cost an additional fee.

He advertises the buy one get one free for only three payments of .33 when in reality, you have to pay .00 in shipping FOR BOTH SETS! On top of all of that, the knives are cheaply made and break fairly easily with normal use.

Ronco Six Star knife sets contain the perfect kitchen knife to fit your needs.

As seen on TV, these Showtime Knife sets give you great quality at a great value - which also makes them perfect for gift giving!

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When I tried to use the warranty I was meat with horrible customer service and as of this date, have still not recieved any replacements.Bottom line: don’t buy this junk, you’ll regret it! Now I know most poeple will say Christmas or Thanksgiving for traditional reasons.