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Philip Hillyer (Sebastian Cabot), Anthony Bridewell (Tom Helmore), and Walter Kemp (Whit Bissell).

He shows them a small model time machine and asks a guest to press a tiny lever.

The film was based on the 1895 novella of the same name by H. Wells that was hugely influential on the development of science fiction.

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In 1985 elements of this film were incorporated into the documentary The Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal.

The Time Machine received an Oscar for its time-lapse photographic effects, which show the world changing rapidly as the time traveler journeys into the future.

He presses a lever and moves forward through time 17 years into the future.

He meets Filby's son, James, who tells him of Filby's death in the Great War.

On January 5, 1900 four friends arrive for a dinner at the London home of their inventor friend H. Bedraggled and exhausted, George arrives and begins to describe the strange experiences he has had since the group last met.

At their earlier dinner on New Years Eve, George described time as "the fourth dimension" to David Filby (Alan Young), Dr.